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kerby’s iconic met gala designs.

if you don’t know who kerby jean-raymond is, then i’m sure you have an idea of who he is now! not only is he the creator of the luxury street wear clothing brand “pyer moss” but he was also the designer of lena waithe’s show-stopping 2019 met gala look (and also the man with the same suit that accompanied lena to the event).

im so in awe about these suits because from a design standpoint this is one of the most symbolic, eccentric, yet cultural pieces that i've seen in a very long time. from the custom song lyric fabric, to the custom buttons of the rappers of those lyrics, to the use of “horror“ like font for the text on the back, to finally the clean but retro overall composition of these garments. seeing these suits not only made me feel proud that an androgynous queen wore it but also happy and proud to be black and a hip hop fan/lover.

i appreciate these suits, and i appreciate the designer for creating them. out of all the dope and beautiful designs of the 2019 met gala, these suits are by far my favorite.

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