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Malena Janelle. is a streetwear brand dedicated to bridging the gap between luxury and streetwear. 

By the use of lavish fabrics, detailed designs, out of the box construction, and unique embellishments...

We will redefine the fashion world's definition of  luxury, one design at a time.

Lee the Designer
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"Most people want to skip the process, not knowing that when you skip steps, you miss lessons. If you start small and build on what you have, you can continue to multiply that into something greater, while picking up all of the valuable lessons along the way."

                            -Nipsey Hussle

Lee was born and raised in Dallas, TX but lives in Chicago, IL. She is the middle child of three with her mom being a lawyer and her dad being a pastor. She was blessed with one bonus brother and four bonus sisters through marriage.

Lee began teaching herself how to sew in 2014 then began studying fashion design in 2017 on a collegiate level.

May 2021 Lee graduated from Texas Woman's University with a B.A. in fashion design and a minor in business administration. She enjoys pushing the limits with her designs and creating things that aren't often/ever seen. She is now designing for Malena Janelle. full-time!

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